All Seahorse Products

The quality brand Seahorse is a well-known designer of all manner of bathroom textiles that has been a trendsetter in the industry for years. Seahorse designs have become popular all over the world. Thanks to the high quality, you will enjoy these products for years to come and the bathroom textiles will continue to look beautiful. Due to the varying range in the collection, there is always a suitable colour for you and your bathroom.

Seahorse Hand Towel

Comfortable, soft, and luxurious; Seahorse describes their hand towel collection perfectly. If you are looking for towels that absorb moisture well, then you have come to the right place. Seahorse towels therefore ensure that you can dry yourself easily and quickly. All towels are made of the finest cotton. The fabric is therefore wonderfully soft and comfortable to use. Seahorse also has bath towels, guest towels, and washcloths in its assortment.

Seahorse Washcloth

Having a wash in the morning will quickly become your favourite time of day with the silk soft washcloths from Seahorse. Seahorse washcloths are wonderfully soft and comfortable to use. You can therefore easily use the washcloths to freshen up. Seahorse's soft terry cloth dries extra quickly. The washcloths are sold in sets of three so that you always have a spare to hand. View the full collection of Seahorse washcloths via the link above.

Seahorse Bath Mat

Seahorse bath mats are made from the finest cotton. This means that the bath mats have a very good moisture absorption rate and feel very soft. Seahorse is known for the quality that it delivers, so you can enjoy a Seahorse bath mat for years to come. Thanks to Seahorse, from now on you can step onto a wonderfully soft bath mat after showering. In short: a party for your feet!

Seahorse Dressing Gown

Seahorse understands that a dressing gown should be comfortable to wear, which is why they have designed a line or bathrobes that are perfect for relaxing around the house in. Seahorse offers very high quality bathrobes that are wonderfully soft and comfortable. There are various models in different colours, materials, and sizes, so there is something for everyone.

Seahorse Guest Towel

Seahorse guest towels are made exclusively of high quality cotton and are therefore incredibly soft and quick-drying. Seahorse guest towels are not only beautiful, but are also wonderfully soft. A guest towel from this brand is therefore a real bargain! Seahorse offers a diverse range of guest towels to ensure that there is something for every style of bathroom.