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Shower Hose

Here at Bathroom Boutique you will find a diverse range of shower hoses suitable for every shower. The shower hoses can be installed on almost any shower head and shower faucet. The shower hoses in our assortment come from top brands, like Tiger, which means that you can rest assured that your new shower hose will ensure a perfectly relaxing shower for years to come. You will find shower hoses of different lengths in our range, so no matter what size shower hose you are looking for, you can rely on our assortment here at Bathroom Boutique.

Replacement Shower Hose

In the wide range of shower hoses here at Bathroom Boutique you will find various hoses that are ideal as replacement shower hoses, as well as a number of water-saving shower hoses. A water-saving shower hose ensures that you reduce water consumption by up to 50%. This does not mean that you have to compromise on comfort, so you can enjoy a wonderful shower without burdening the environment or your wallet.