All Aquanova Products

Aquanova is a company of Belgian origin that focuses on the creation of beautiful bathroom products, which have become popular worldwide. Would you like to know more about this brand? Read all about Aquanova here. Aquanova has included products such as towels, dressing gowns and bath mats in its range, but is particularly known for its beautiful collection of bathroom accessories. Here at Bathroom Boutique, you will find products from Aquanova from the well-known series such as Ona, Hammam, Oscar, London, and more.

Aquanova Towel

Are you looking for high quality towels? Then you are certainly in the right place! All of the towels from this top quality brand are made of wonderfully soft materials that feel very soft to the touch. Take, for example, the towels from the London series, which are made of Egyptian cotton. These towels are extremely soft yet sturdy. Aquanova towels have a long lifespan and retain their good quality and beautiful colour, even after dozens of washes. This means you can enjoy these towels for years to come. The towels are available in various colours, sizes, and designs.

Aquanova Laundry Basket

Aquanova laundry baskets are known for their fun designs and high functionality. For example, many of the laundry baskets are equipped with a separate laundry bag, so that the outside of the laundry basket remains neat and clean and you do not have to worry about unpleasant odours. Aquanova laundry baskets are also available in different models, so you will certainly find a laundry basket that is suitable for the design of your bathroom. Take a look at the beautiful collection of Aquanova laundry baskets available here at Bathroom Boutique!

Aquanova Dressing Gown

Aquanova has included a number of wonderfully soft dressing gowns in its collection. The dressing gowns are available in different designs and are made of first-class cotton, so they feel super soft. Because Aquanova adapts its products to the colours of the new collections, the bathrobes are often provided with trendy, modern colours. You can of course also choose to go for a neutral colour. Everything is possible with the dressing gowns from Aquanova.

Aquanova Bath Mat

The Aquanova range of bath mats consists of a wide range of bath mats from different collections. Aquanova is known for the high quality of its products and its collections with beautiful, contemporary designs. The collection of bath mats is certainly no exception. Aquanova bath mats are provided with an anti-slip layer so that they remain neatly in place and you do not have to worry about slipping. They also dry very quickly. In short, ideal for every bathroom!

Aquanova Bin

Aquanova offers a great collection of trendy pedal bins in various modern colours. The pedal bins are available for a capacity of 3 to 5 litres and often have a silent closure. They also have a handy inner bucket, which you can easily remove for cleaning when needed. The design and colours of the pedal bins are completely adapted to the other bathroom accessories from Aquanova, allowing you to create a stunning, uniform appearance in your bathroom or toilet.