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Anti Slip Mat

An anti-slip mat for your shower cubicle or bath can help to prevent dangerous situations or accidents happening in your bathroom. By placing an anti-slip mat in your bath or shower, you have less chance of slipping while bathing or showering. The anti-slip bath mats in our collection here at Bathroom Boutique are of high quality and from top notch brands, such as Kela and Sealskin. The anti-slip shower mats are available in different sizes and colours and therefore fit in any bathroom. For more information about a specific anti-slip mat, click on the images below.

Non Slip Shower Mats

The non-slip mats in our assortment are made of 100% synthetic rubber and make your bathroom a lot safer. The mats are available in different sizes and colours, so you can easily choose a non-slip mat that matches the style and colour scheme of your bathroom. Due to the high quality of these mats, they are highly recommended and will be a true asset to your bathroom. Discover the convenience of a non-slip mat for when you get in and out of the bath and order today!