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Face Towels

A face towel, or face cloth, resembles a washcloth, but is larger and specially designed for cleaning your face. Face towels are often made of cotton, a material that feels very comfortable and soft on the skin. You can use a face towel to remove makeup or cleanse your skin with water, scrubs, or lotions. We here at Bathroom Boutique have a great selection of face towels and face cloths from top bathroom brands. On the page below you will find face towels in different colours and sizes, so you can choose your favourite colours or the colours that best match the rest of your bathroom towel collection.

Face Cloth

Clean and cleanse your face with only the best with a face cloth from our range here at Bathroom Boutique. Cleaning your face prevents skin problems and wrinkles, so it's important to ensure that you have great face cloths at home. The face towels in our range are of high quality and last for years. The wide range allows you to match the colour of your face cloths to the rest of your bathroom linens for a stylish look in your bathroom. You often buy face cloths in sets so that you are provided with everything you need in one go!