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all Seahorse products
The quality brand Seahorse has recently become part of the Dutch brand Cinderella, which has been the trendsetter in the textile industry for years. Seahorse is a well-established bathroom textile brand. The towels and other bathroom textiles from this top quality brand are exclusively made of high quality cotton velour and are therefore wonderfully soft and quick-drying. Due to the high quality, you will enjoy these products for years to come and the bathroom textiles will continue to look beautiful for a very long time. Due to the wide range in the Seahorse collection, there is always a suitable colour scheme for you and your bathroom.

Seahorse UK

Seahorse recently became part of the brand portfolio of the quality brand Cinderella, which has been known since its humble beginnings for its fashionable textiles for the home. You can use Seahorse towels, dressing gowns, and other bathroom textiles for years and years without them losing their quality. Seahorse's products are quick-drying and very soft, making the towels and other bathroom linens very pleasant to use. Choose from Seahorse's wide range of beautiful bathroom items on the page above.