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Seahorse Bath Mat

Seahorse bath mat
Seahorse is a Dutch company and an absolute trendsetter in the field of bathroom textiles with special designs. The brand therefore works with the philosophy: get the most out of life. The brand designs stylish bathroom accessories that come into their own in almost any bathroom. Seahorse bath mats are certainly no exception. Nothing feels better than stepping onto a wonderfully soft bath mat after a shower or bath. This is best done with a bath mat from Seahorse because the brand's focus is ensuring that people can enjoy and relax in their own home View the complete Seahorse bath mat range below.

Seahorse Bath Rug

Seahorse bathroom textiles are made exclusively from premium cotton velour. This ensures that the bath mats from this brand last for years and feel wonderfully soft. The goal of Seahorse is therefore to develop products that ensure that you can enjoy and relax in your own home. Likewise with the softest bath rugs. Due to the varying range in the collection, there is always a suitable colour for you and your bathroom. In this collection you also have the choice of different structures and a number of nice prints. In general, Seahorse bath rugs are suitable for any bathroom, they feel great on your feet, and you can use them for a long time.