All Vossen Products

Vossen is an Austrian brand that was founded in 1925 that creates bathroom products of the highest quality. This is partly because the renowned brand uses a very innovative AIRpillow technology, which provides a firm, soft fabric that can absorb moisture well above average. Since Vossen bath textiles do not contain any chemicals, the products can also be used by people with sensitive skin. View the complete collection right here at Bathroom Boutique!

Vossen Dressing Gown

The dressing gowns from the quality brand Vossen are of hotel quality. After a wonderful bath or shower, you can wrap yourself in a warm, soft Vossen bathrobe for the ultimate spa feeling. The wide collection includes both men's and women's models, various colours, and short and long designs. This means that the range of Vossen dressing gowns here at Bathroom Boutique has something for everyone!

Vossen Toilet Mat

With a toilet mat, you will no longer have cold feet from the tiled floor in your toilet. The toilet mats from Vossen ensure that your feet stay warm and offer a soft surface. The toilet mats are available in various colours and with different patterns. Thanks to the wide range of Vossen toilet mats available here at Bathroom Boutique, finding the perfect toilet mat will be done in no time!

Vossen Towel

The towels from Vossen will make a great addition to any home. The towels have a high moisture absorption capacity and feel soft on every skin type. Dermatologists have shown that Vossen towels are perfectly suitable for people with sensitive skin. The wide Vossen towel range includes various colours, which you can perfectly match with the rest of your bathroom linens.

Vossen Bath Mat

The bath mats from Vossen are very soft to stand on after a bath or shower. The bath mat absorbs moisture and feels warm and soft under your feet. You can put Vossen bath mats in the washing machine without any problems, as they retain their colour even after several washes. A Vossen bath mat immediately adds a luxurious look to any bathroom!

Vossen Washcloth

A washcloth is ideal for cleaning your body or face. However, it can often be a problem that washcloths are made of rough fabric and irritate the skin. Vossen washcloths, however, offer the perfect solution to this problem. Vossen washcloths are soft and do not irritate the skin. Choose one of the many colours to match your Vossen washcloths to the rest of your bathroom textiles.