All Blomus Products

The quality brand Blomus is known for its beautiful collection of products made of high-quality stainless steel and pottery. Blomus products are strong, stylish, and have a timeless design that you can enjoy for years to come. Thanks to the sleek, modern designs of the products, the Blomus collection will look good in almost any bathroom. Blomus offers a design that will add a touch of luxury to every home.

Blomus Bathroom Accessories

Minimalist, modern and functional; Blomus bathroom accessories provide a sleek finish to your bathroom. The combination of the natural tones and the high-quality stainless steel and other materials create a luxurious appearance in an instant and create a sense of peace and serenity. From storage boxes to soap dispensers and from make-up mirrors to toothbrush holders: Blomus has it all!

Blomus Laundry Basket

Blomus laundry baskets not only ensure tidiness, but they are also a stylish addition to your home. Blomus has laundry baskets in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, so you are guaranteed to find the perfect laundry basket right here. Blomus laundry baskets are finished with clean lines and the simplistic designs in neutral colours are also easy to match with various interior styles, whether in the bedroom or bathroom.

Blomus Towel Rack

Functionality and design are combined extremely well in the Blomus towel rack collection. The robust quality of the high-quality stainless steel used for the racks ensures that you will be able to enjoy these beautiful bathroom accessories for years to come. In addition to standing towel racks, Blomus also offers hanging towel rails, towel hooks, and door hooks.

Blomus Towel

Blomus bathroom towels are made exclusively from high-quality spun cotton yarn. As a result, the hand towels, shower towels, bath towels, and guest towels not only look beautiful, they also feel wonderfully soft. Just like the rest of the collection, Blomus bathroom textiles are also available in neutral tones, which are easy to match with various bathroom styles.

Blomus Toilet Accessories

In addition to bathroom accessories, Blomus also offers various accessories with which you can neatly furnish your toilet. For example, Blomus has designed various toilet brushes and toilet roll holders, each of which is made of the robust stainless steel that distinguishes this brand from the rest. This stainless steel is also easy to keep clean, which ensures excellent hygiene.