All Tiger Products

Tiger is a high quality bathroom brand, whose collection of products is characterised by the beautiful design, functionality, and great price to quality ratio. The products are also cleverly designed, making them easy to install. Tiger uses sturdy materials and provides its products with stylish designs that look great in almost any bathroom. To decorate your bathroom in one, uniform style, be sure to have a look at the different series available, such as the Tiger Tune, Tiger Noon, Tiger Urban, Tiger Impuls or Tiger Ontario ranges.

Tiger Toilet Roll Holder

If you're looking for the perfect holder for storing your toilet roll that's affordable but still stylish, then you're in the right place. Tiger is a high quality bathroom and toilet accessories brands that designs top of the range toilet roll holders that also look great, This means that they offer both a practical and stylish solution for the storage of your toilet rolls. Tiger toilet roll holders are cleverly designed and therefore easy to install. Here at Bathroom Boutique, you will find various beautiful and stylish Tiger toilet roll holders that are perfect for any kind of bathroom or toilet.

Tiger Toilet Brush

Looking for a practical toilet brush that also looks nice in your bathroom or toilet? Then you've come to the right place! Tiger toilet brushes are of excellent quality and are made using strong materials, so they last a long time. In addition, Tiger toilet brushes are often supplied with a toilet brush holder. These toilet brush holders have a beautiful and sleek design and are available in different styles and designs. This means there is a perfect toilet brush and holder for every type of bathroom. View the full range and choose the perfect toilet brush for your bathroom.

Tiger Bold

The Tiger Bold series of bathroom accessories features black and chrome designs, giving your bathroom a sleek, elegant look. In this series Tiger works with beautiful stainless steel or steel, which looks very stylish. Choose from cup holders, towel racks, toilet roll holders, soap dispensers, hooks and more! Whatever you are looking for, the bathroom accessories from the Tiger Bold series will complete your bathroom!

Tiger Boston

Tiger has developed a special Boston series. This line of products consists of bathroom accessories with robust designs made of beautiful stainless steel. The shiny stainless steel provides a stylish, but at the same time luxurious look to your bathroom and can also be easily combined with various other bathroom accessories. If you want to decorate your bathroom in one style, then combine different items from the Tiger Boston series.

Tiger Items

The Tiger Items series is characterised by its simplistic look and modern designs. Clean lines are central to the Items series and this ensures that when you combine the products with each other, your bathroom is provided with a uniform design. The bathroom accessories from this series immediately give you a feeling of luxury and also guarantee a stylish look in your bathroom. Take a look at the full Tiger Items collection here at Bathroom Boutique.