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Bath Pillow

A bath pillow is a great way to increase your comfort in the bath. By attaching the bath pillow to the bath rim, you can relax and enjoy your bath without having to lean against the hard edge of the tub. The bath cushions in our assortment come from top brands, such as Sealskin and Kela, and are made of natural rubber and are filled with special polystrene granules, allowing you to rest your head nicely. The bath pillows are easy to attach to the bath rim by means of suction cups. To find out more about each item, click on the images below.

Bath Cushion

Here at Bathroom Boutique, different types of quality pillow for the bath are sold. The bath cushions in our assortment come from top quality brands, so you know that you will be able to enjoy using your bath cushion for years to come. At the top left of the page, a selection can be made from the material of the bath cushion, the colour, the brand and the price. This makes it quick and easy to buy a bath pillow that is perfect for you. Take a quick look at the range and see which pillow for the bath suits you best!