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Tiger Bold

Tiger Bold
Tiger is a top quality brand of Dutch origins that offers beautiful products and accessories for your toilet and bathroom, each of which will create an elegant, stylish appearance in your home. Tiger products are available in a wide range of series. One of these series is the Tiger Bold series. All Tiger Bold products have a powerful yet elegant appearance, which ensures a stunning look for your bathroom or toilet. The Tiger Bold collection consists of matching accessories, so you can decorate your bathroom in the same, beautiful style.

Tiger Bold Collection

The Tiger Bold collection is a popular series from the Tiger brand. These bathroom accessories have a modern and sleek look due to the chosen colours of black and chrome. The colour black is becoming increasingly popular in the bathroom and, thanks to the Bold series, you can keep up with this trend. The accessories are made of steel and stainless steel. The Tiger Bold collection includes Tiger toilet roll holders, toilet brushes and towel rails, so you will find all the items you need for your bathroom right here.