Best Bath Mat

What is important when choosing a bath mat?


It is advisable to opt for a bath mat with an anti-slip base or edge. An anti-slip edge prevents the bath mat from sliding on your bathroom floor, reducing the risk of slipping or falling. This also ensures that the bath mat always sits nicely, making your bathroom look tidier. Most of the bath mats in our collection have an anti-slip edge. This will be mentioned in the item description for each product.


Bath mats come in different shapes and sizes, which can sometimes make it difficult to pick the ideal size. The average bath mat is usually 60 x 90/100 cm, but this can vary from brand to brand and from series to series. Here at Bathroom Boutique, you will find bath mats in various sizes, so that you can always find the suitable size for your bathroom. Make sure you take a look at the filters to make your search easier.

Washing advice

Bath mats can often be washed at 30 degrees with a good detergent. However, this does not apply to every bath mat, so make sure you always carefully check the washing instructions before washing a bath mat. In addition, keep in mind that you cannot use chlorinated cleaning agents; these can affect the colour of your bath mat. Not all bath mats can be put in the dryer and we therefore recommend that you simply hang them out.

Bath mat materials


Cotton is a natural fiber and therefore has a high absorbent capacity. This makes cotton an ideal material to use for bath mats. A cotton bath mat also dries quickly and feels very nice and soft on your feet.


Polyester bath mats are very popular because they feel extra soft. A polyester bath mat not only provides ultimate comfort, but also has the property that it retains its colours for longer. This way the bath mat stays beautiful for a long time!


Acrylic is a synthetic material, so bath mats made of this material are very durable. Not only do the colours last longer, but the overall quality of the bath mat also lasts longer. This way you can enjoy your purchase for an extra long time.


Microfiber is an extremely fine synthetic fiber that can absorb up to four times its own weight in moisture. A microfiber bath mat therefore dries super quickly, making it ideal as a bathroom textile.

Our top bath mat brands

Here at Bathroom Boutique, we only work with brands that offer assortments in which the best quality is guaranteed. The bath mats from the brands in our collection are therefore sturdy, have a contemporary design, and retain their beautiful colour and quality for a long time. Below we have listed a number of the top bath mat brands in our collection, so take a look to see what these top names in the bathroom market have to offer you.

Aquanova makes bathroom accessories with a stylish look. The designs from this top Belgian brand are adapted to the latest trends in home furnishings and, thanks to the extensive collections, you can match the entire style of your bathroom using accessories from this brand.

Sealskin is a Dutch brand that focuses on the design of bathroom accessories with a really good price / quality ratio. Sealskin often has a matching toilet mat with every bath mat, so you can match it perfectly and create an even more stylish appearance in your toilet or bathroom.

Vossen is a very popular bathroom textiles brand. This brand develops beautiful bathroom accessories of high quality that come into their own in almost any style of bathroom. Vossen bath mats excel in design and user comfort and feel wonderfully soft under your feet.

Seahorse bath mats are distinguished by their unique, trendy designs. Seahorse bath textiles are made using high-quality materials, so you can be sure that you can enjoy a bath mat from this brand for years to come. Quick-drying and with very stylish designs.

A selection from our bath mat collection: