Towel Sizes

Size advice

Which size towel should I choose?

Towels are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. For example, there are bath sheets, bath towels, hand towels, guest towels and more. To give you an idea of the dimensions of the different types of towels, we have made a handy overview for you. Please note: the dimensions in the overview are the average sizes. The towels on our webshop can sometimes deviate from this slightly. The dimensions of every towel in our assortment is mentioned on the product page.
In addition to the difference in size, there is often also a difference in the thickness. For example, the average towel weighs about 350 grams per square metre, but this can of course always differ per brand. In general, the rule that applies is this: the heavier or thicker the towel, the better the quality.


Towel size:


15 x 20 cm

Face cloths

30 x 30 cm

Guest towels

30 x 50 cm

Hand towels

50 x 100 cm

Bath towels

70 x 140 cm

Bath sheets

70 x 140 cm

What kinds of towels are there?

Bath sheet

100 x 150 cm
A bath sheet is a somewhat larger towel model and is used just like a bath towel or regular towel for drying. Thanks to the large size and the rectangular shape, bath sheets are very nice to wrap up in. Ideal during the cold winter days when it is a bit colder in your bathroom.

Bath towel

70 x 140 cm
A bath towel is, just like a bath sheet, a somewhat larger towel. Bath towels are wonderful to wrap up when you get out of the bath or shower. Here at Bathroom Boutique, you will find bath towels in a variety of colours and prints. This ensures that there is a suitable design for every type of bathroom.

Hand towel

50 x 100 cm
The dimensions of a standard hand towel are 50 x 100 cm. You can use this model to dry yourself with, but it is also useful for drying your hands / face after washing. Hand towels are usually made of terry cloth, cotton, or velour, all of which are wonderfully soft and do not irritate the skin.

Guest towel

30 x 50 cm
Guest towels are small hand towels used by guests who use your toilet. There is often a pile of guest towels or a guest towel hanging with which the guest can dry his or her hands. Here at Bathroom Boutique, you will find guest towels in a variety of colours.

Face cloth

30 x 30 cm
A face cloth looks a bit like a washcloth, but has a slightly larger size. Face towels are specially designed for cleaning the face. For example, use them to remove your make-up or to clean your face with water after shaving. Face towels and face cloths always come in handy!


15 x 20 cm
A washcloth is not officially a towel, but it is an item that will come in handy in your collection of bathroom textiles. Washcloths are usually used for washing the face and body and are very convenient to use thanks to their small size. Here at Bathroom Boutique, you will find washcloths in various colours and prints.

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