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Different dressing gown materials


Cotton dressing gowns are very nice to wear because they are wonderfully warm and soft. In addition, cotton has a high moisture-absorbing capacity, which is ideal after a shower. In addition, cotton bathrobes dry very quickly, which is why they are often used as a sauna robe. Cotton is also a fairly sturdy material, which ensures that a dressing gown made of this material will last for a long time.


Satin dressing gowns are becoming more and more popular these days. This is because a satin bathrobe has many similarities with the Japanese kimono. Satin dressing gowns are very comfortable to wear because they are smooth, airy, and lightweight. Great to wear on a warm summer evening and super easy to take with you when travelling! View the full range at Bathroom Boutique here.


Terry, or towelling, is a cotton fabric, where the threads are woven differently than with regular cotton dressing gowns, because with terry towel dressing gowns the threads are woven in loops, so that the dressing gown can absorb even more moisture. Furthermore, terry towel bathrobes dry quickly and are breathable. In addition, terry dressing gowns are extra sturdy due to the way of weaving.


Velvet is a lesser used fabric when it comes to clothing in general, but is nevertheless widely used in the production of dressing gowns. The material velvet has many similar properties to cotton, but has a much higher quality. Velvet dressing gowns are known for their long lifespan and are known to retain their beautiful quality for a very long time. Ideal for anyone looking for that little bit of extra luxury!

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Dressing gown brands

Vossen dressing gowns meet four important values: quality, innovation, sustainability, and design. The brand aims to relieve the stress of everyday life and you will feel this immediately when you put on one of the wonderfully soft bathrobes from Vossen for the first time. 

Aquanova is a very popular brand that focuses on the sale of bathroom accessories. Aquanova's bathrobes are hip, have a contemporary design and also feel wonderfully soft. Aquanova's dressing gowns are suitable for both men and women.

HnL Bath focuses on the sale of beautiful, trendy bathroom accessories. The dressing gowns of this stylish brand are certainly no exception. HnL uses the highest quality cotton, which makes the bathrobes feel wonderfully soft on the skin.

Marc O'Polo is an established name in the fashion industry. In addition to beautiful clothing and bedding, the brand has also put a nice collection of bathrobes on the market. High quality and a breathtaking design. Those are the dressing gowns from Marc O'Polo. 

De Witte Lietaer is a quality brand from Belgian. Thanks to more than 120 years of experience in the textile industry, there is hardly any company that makes such fine soft dressing gowns as De Witte Lietaer. A perfect combination of comfort and quality. 

Essenza is known for its beautiful collection of home and bath textiles, which includes a stunning range of dressing gowns. Essenza dressing gowns are made of excellent materials and have beautiful designs, ensuring ultimate comfort.  

Seahorse is a well-known name in the textile industry. The products of this brand are known for their cheerful, contemporary design in combination with an excellent price-quality ratio. Ideal for anyone looking for a dressing gowns with a bit of luxury. 

The German Tom Tailor has nice dressing gowns in different types of materials such as satin, velvet, terry cloth, cotton and polyester. The bathrobes have a stylish design and are available for both men and women. Perfect for a quiet Sunday morning. 

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