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Zone Denmark Nova

Zone Denmark Nova
The Zone Denmark Nova collection is characterised by its minimalist design that will not look out of place in any bathroom. The collection is finished with round details and is available in a range of colours, so there is a beautiful version of every Zone Denmark Nova item for every type of bathroom interior. The bathroom textiles from Zone Denmark are also available in the same colour palette as the Nova series, making it easy to provide your bathroom with a complete look. Take a look at the collection and choose your favourite Nova accessories!

Zone Denmark Nova One

The Nova One series from the Zone Denmark brand is part of the Nova collection and stands for a design with clean lines, neutral colour tones, and soft surfaces in combination with high functionality. In this series, you will find products such as pedal bins, soap dispensers, and toothbrush holders. The products are all provided with the unique design that Zone Denmark is known for. The neutral colours make it easy to combine the products with the rest of the accessories in your bathroom. In our range, you will find different Zone Denmark Nova products in various colours.