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All Zone Denmark Products

All Zone Denmark products
Functionality combined with a beautiful Danish design, this is what Zone Denmark has to offer you and this is what makes it a brand that should not be missing from any bathroom. Zone Denmark's innovative creations challenge and make you curious, while at the same time creating a dazzling look through the use of beautiful materials. It is not without reason that the brand has already won several international design awards. If you choose Zone Denmark, you choose something truly unique.

Zone Denmark Nova

The Zone Denmark assortment consists of various styles and series, including the famous Zone Denmark Nova collection. This series is characterised by its minimalist design that will not look out of place in any bathroom. The collection is finished with round details and is available in a range of colours, so there is a beautiful version of each product for every type of bathroom. The bathroom textiles from Zone Denmark are also available in the same colour palette as the Nova series, so you can easily provide your bathroom with a complete look. Take a look at the collection and choose your favourites!