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Sealskin Soap Dispenser

Sealskin soap dispenser
The Sealskin soap dispensers are, as is typical of this top quality bathroom brand, of very high quality for an affordable price. The soap dispensers are available in a wide range of sizes, beautiful colours, and series. This means that you can opt for matching bathroom accessories from the same series, including a toilet brush, toothbrush holder, and much more. Take a look at the stunning collection of Sealskin soap dispensers on the page below to create a luxurious atmosphere in your toilet or bathroom.

Sealskin Soap Pump

Sealskin, the brand of the above soap pumps, was founded in 1754 in Waalwijk in the Netherlands. The company started as a leather and shoe specialist, but later made the switch to creating everything for in and around your bathroom. That is how they came to their beautiful range of soap pumps, among other things. In addition to these soap pumps, Sealskin also has bath mats, toilet mats, toilet brushes and shower curtains in its range. View the full collection here at Bathroom Boutique!