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The quality selection of towels from the traditional Dutch brand Oilily transform your bathroom into an oasis of colour and peace in an instant. The special patterns and colourful designs will not look out of place in any bathroom and provide a cheerful twist. Oilily's bath textiles are also made of soft cotton, which feels very comfortable on the skin. Oilily bath textiles are not only very beautiful, but also wonderful to dry off after a relaxing shower or bath.

Oilily Towel

Oilily is known for its striking collection of lifestyle products in trendy colours. It is not without reason that Oilily bath textiles give a unique twist to almost every bathroom design. Oilily bath towels, hand towels, and guest towels are made of high quality cotton. As a result, they not only feel firm and soft, but the towels retain the vibrant colours even after numerous washes. Oilily bath textiles are an asset to your bathroom!