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OAS once started with the sale of summer clothing, but they have now grown into a company where you can go for clothing in which you can relax. You will find an extensive range of OAS dressing gowns here at Bathroom Boutique. OAS bathrobes are ideal to wear after a bath or shower or when you have just been swimming or to the spa. With the OAS dressing gowns, it is always summer and you can enjoy the day in full relaxation.

OAS Dressing Gown

With an OAS dressing gown on, you can relax. These bathrobes are available in different summer colours and cheerful designs. Choose your favourite and enjoy! They feature a tie belt, a handy hanging loop, and several practical side pockets. These dressing gowns are great to wrap up on a cool summer evening just after showering or swimming. Another plus: they feel nice and soft!