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Cawö Washcloth

Cawö washcloth
Cawö is a brand that offers a very wide range of bathroom textiles, including a great selection of washcloths. Cawö washcloths are made from the same high quality materials as the rest of Cawö's bathroom textiles collection and are made in similar designs, which means that you can create a beautiful, uniform appearance in your bathroom, beginning with matching textiles. Not only will a set of Cawö washcloths be a stylish addition to your bathroom, due to their wonderful softness durability, they will also make for a very practical and high quality addition to your home. View the full Cawö washcloth range below.

Cawö Wash Mitts

Cawö is known all over the world for their high quality brand of bathroom textiles and their range of washcloths and wash mitts are no exception. Cawö flannel mittens are made using exclusively high quality materials, which in turn ensures that the wash mitts are very soft and will remain soft, even after many washes. Have a look at the full Cawö washcloth collection here at Bathroom Boutique to find the perfect set for your home. No matter the design you're looking for, you are sure to find it right here!