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all Cawö products
Cawö was founded in 1947 and has since grown into a major player in the bathroom textiles market. What makes Cawö so special is that the company creates all their products completely themselves, something quite unique in the bathroom textiles market! Because no parts of the production process are outsourced, the towels and bathrobes from this brand are of very high quality. The terry cloth is made from natural products and is therefore very durable and sustainable. In addition, the material feels very comfortable. Choosing bathroom textiles from Cawö is choosing comfort!

Cawö Towels

Cawö bathroom textiles add a colourful, stylish atmosphere to any bathroom. The bathroom textiles from this brand are available in beautiful prints and radiant colours as well as more subtle designs. Cawö towels and bathrobes also feel very soft on the skin. You can combine various Cawö products to create a uniform, stylish appearance in your bathroom. If you're looking for high quality bathroom textiles that will last for a long time, look beautiful, and feel soft, then you're in the right place.