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The beautiful Brabantia family business was founded in 1919 with the idea of producing honest products of high quality. The quality brand originated in milk cans, jugs, sieves and funnels, but is now mainly known for its beautiful pedal bins. Over the years, Brabantia has been able to successfully expand the range thanks to its excellent quality. Product concepts that not only look very nice, but are also very easy to use. When developing these products, sustainability is of course taken into account, because Brabantia wants to leave a better world for the next generation. In short, if you are looking for quality and durability, then you choose the top brand Brabantia.

Brabantia Bin

Brabantia is one of the most famous brands in the field of household products, but in particular for their outstanding range of bins. All Brabantia products are made exclusively from high-quality materials, which means that they last for years and remain beautiful and retain their quality for a long time. Brabantia waste bins combine functionality with an extremely elegant appearance, which, in combination with very good quality, ensures that you always make the right choice with a Brabantia bin!